Rev. Fr. Francis Thamburaj, SJ

Research Presentations

Papers Presented in International Conferences

[1] Francis Thamburaj and A. Aloysius, “On Validating Cognitive Weighted Attribute Hidiing Factor Complexity Metric,” International Conference on Computing Communication and Information Science (ICCCIS’16), July 29th 2016.
[2] Francis Thamburaj and A. Aloysius, “Cognitive Weighted Cohesion Complexity Metric,” 2nd International Conference on Computing Paradigm (ICCP 2016), July 24th 2016.
[3] Francis Thamburaj, “Self-Organizing Map for Analysis of SARS Corona Virus,” Towards Quality Driven Software Applications and Infrastructures, Proceedings of SEEC 2010, 3rd International Conference on Semantic E-business and Enterprise Computing, Cochin, September 15-17, 2010.
[4] Francis Thamburaj, “Analysis of Genome Signature Strength of SARS Corona Virus Using Self-Organizing Map Neural Network,” Proceedings of the International Conference on Communication and Computational Intelligence, INCOCCI 2010, 27-29 December 2010.
[5] Francis Thamburaj, Kasimir Raja S.V., “Nucleotide Computation Analysis of SARS Virus with Self-Organizing Map,” 6th International Conference on Cognitive Systems, New Delhi, India, December 14-15, 2004.

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